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25 Things to Do Near Hemlock Lake Campground.

Enjoy your stay at Hemlock Lake Campground!

1.) Fish Hemlock Lake and Other Surrounding Lakes near Marcellus.

You have many lakes to choose from. One day you can try Hemlock. Next, you can test your luck on either Big Fish or the Cedar Lakes, just a short drive away.

2.) Rent a Pontoon from a local Marina while you’re staying at Hemlock Lake Campground

  • Pat’s Pontoon 14690 M-60, Three Rivers, MI  49093   269-273-2800
  • Apollo Marine 15355 96th Ave., Lawton, MI 49065 269-423-6011
  • Corey Lake Marine 59549 County Line Rd.,  Three Rivers, MI  49093  269-244-5878

3.) Visit and tour St. Julian Winery. 

St. Julian Winery is located in Paw Paw, Michigan so it is a fairly quick drive. You have the chance to tour the largest and most rewarded winery in Michigan.

Address of St. Julian Winery:
716 S Kalamazoo St, Paw Paw, MI 49079

Contact St. Julian Winery:

4.) Head to “The Rock” for dinner. 

“The Rock” is one of the most known restaurants in Marcellus. Conveniently, it’s only a 10 minute drive from the campground!

Address of The Rock:
14625 Loveridge St, Marcellus, MI 49067

Contact The Rock:

5.) Have a frosty draft root beer at Red’s Root Beer.

Treat yourself to some of the best root beer around and also some basket orders!

Address of Red’s Root Beer:
813 S Kalamazoo St, Paw Paw, MI 49079

Contact Red’s Root Beer:

6.) Take a trip to South Haven.

In South Haven you will not find yourself bored. You can visit the museum and eat on the Idler River Boat or Captain Lou’s.

Address of South Haven:
60 Water St, South Haven, MI 49090

Contact South Haven:

7.) Bring your boat, canoe or kayak and go fishing or just a trip around the lake.

You can temporarily tie up your boat or canoe at one of our two big docks! There is a public boat launch at the NE corner of the lake, just off Hemlock Lake Rd.

8.) Go golfing at Pine View or Pin High!

Getting out and golfing at one of these two fun and local courses is always a good time!

Contact Pine View: 

(269) 279-5131

Contact Pin High:

(269) 624-4653

9.) Head to Silver Beach in St. Joseph and enjoy their famous pizza!

Silver Beach is known for its pizza and good times. Take a trip for dinner and try it out!

Address of Silver Beach:
Silver Beach, St Joseph, MI 49085

Contact Silver Beach:

10.) Take a wooded trail walk at Russ Forest.

Take a short drive over to Russ Forest and enjoy the outdoor nature with a trail walk.

Address of Russ Forest:
20379 Marcellus Highway, Decatur, MI 49045

Contact Russ Forest:

11.) Sample 100’s of beers in Lawton.

Head to Lawton’s Barn Brewers Brewery and sample a variety of craft beers. Or go to Big T and choose from over 100 beers!

Address of Barn Brewers Brewery:
114 Main St, Lawton, MI 49065

Address of  Big T Restaurant:
155 N. Main St, Lawton, MI 49065

Contact Barn Brewers Brewery:

Contact Big T Restaurant:

12.) Go to Gun Lake Casino.

Feeling lucky? Head up to Gun Lake Casino and have a good time!

Address of Gun Lake Casino:
1123 129th Ave, Wayland, MI 49348

Contact Gun Lake Casino:
(269) 792-7777

13.) Fish or swim in one of the 36 lakes within 6 miles.

Try your fishing luck or swimming fun at one or more  of the 36 lakes near Marcellus.

14.) Fish for bass, bluegills, perch and trout on Hemlock Lake!

You’ll always find yourself catching something on Hemlock lake. Get out there and try it out yourself!

Address of Hemlock Lake:
50821 Maple Road, Box 247,
Marcellus, MI 49067

Things To Do

15.) Visit Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park are located in Grand Rapids and are always beautiful when visiting.

Address of Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park:
1000 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Contact Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park:

16.) Tour the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

The Kalamazoo Air Zoo is a very fun especially when with kids. It has very engaging experiences.

Address of Kalamazoo Air Zoo
6151 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002

Contact Kalamazoo Air Zoo:

17.) Tour the Gilmore Car Museum and restored barns.

The Gilmore Car Museum is very well known and holds one of Michigan’s largest collections of classic and vintage automobiles. 

Address of Gilmore Car Museum:
 6865 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

Contact Gilmore Car Museum:

18.) Go charter fishing from Lake Michigan.

Spice up your normal fishing routine and head over to Lake Michigan and do some charter fishing.

Address of Hookup Charters:
 394 Dyckman Ave, South Haven, MI 49090

Contact Hookup Charters:

19.) Order a pizza from The Rock, Big Tony’s or Country Lakes General Store.

These places are local businesses and have some great pizza. You should try them out for yourself!

Contact The Rock: 

Contact Country Lakes General Store: 

Contact Big Tony’s:

20.) Have dinner at “La Cantina” in Paw Paw.

La Cantina” is an authentic Italian restaurant. They have hand-crafted Italian food cooked by great chefs. Tuesday night is $4.95 spaghetti night.


Address of La Cantina: 
139 W Michigan Ave, Paw Paw, MI 49079

Contact La Cantina:

21.) Catch a theater showing in Paw Paw at the Strand Theater.

The Strand Theater is a small movie theater located in Paw Paw, Michigan. You can catch a show on most nights at 7:00 pm.


Address of The Strand: 
115 E. Michigan Ave, PawPaw, MI 49079

Contact The Strand:

22.) Attend a Sunday Service at the Hemlock Lake Chapel.

The chapel is a very peaceful location and is also very nice to visit.

Address of Hemlock Lake Campground: 
50821 Maple Road, Box 247,
Marcellus, MI 49067

Contact Hemlock Lake Campground:

23.) Go for a balloon ride.

Enjoy the serenity of a champagne hot air balloon flight. The Michigan Balloon Corporation is always friendly and it’s a very relaxing time.

Contact Michigan Balloon Corporation:

24.) Have a breakfast at The Breakfast Place in Lawton.

The Breakfast Place is iconic in Lawton and has some very good breakfast choices.

Address of The Breakfast Place: 
206 N Main St, Lawton, MI 49065

Contact The Breakfast Place:

25.) Visit St. Gregory’s Abbey

In St. Gregory’s Abbey you will find a small community of people living under the Rule of Saint Benedict. This is a relaxing spot to stay overnight.  [Adults Only]

Address of St. Gregory’s Abbey:
56500 Abbey Rd, Three Rivers, MI 49093

Contact St. Gregory’s Abbey:
(269) 244-5893