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Our Policies: Hemlock Lake Campground

Our Policy on Season Guest Requests:

Many Guests have been with us for a decade or more – From young families to the retired. People who desire to become Season Guests are considered in the priority they apply when suitable season sites are available. Often we have a standby list for Guests awaiting Lakefront or Sewer sites. The Manager can authorize your temporary stay at Hemlock Lake Campground for up to two weeks if you wish while awaiting action on your application.

Season Guest Approval Requires:

1. The recommendation of approval by two unrelated Season Guests who meet or know Applicants.

2. The Manager\’s approval.

3. A suitable credit report and references.

4. Final office approval by Don for the Corporation.

The Manager will not be able to accept Season Guest fees or confer season privileges and rates until the new applicant(s) are approved as Season Guests. We need just brief information plus you supply us with a recent credit report. This is available to you at much less cost or time than us. Get a copy of your Credit Report from Equifax 1-800-685-1111, or TransUnion, 1-800-916-8800,, or Annual CreditReport.Com Applicants should read the Hemlock Lake Campground Rules so there are no misunderstandings. We reserve the right to reject anyone we believe may not be a suitable neighbor. Call the office if you have any questions.

Guest Rules

We ask your cooperation so may enjoy Nature and Tranquility at the Campground. People violating the Rules subject themselves to possible loss of guest privileges.

1. Guests:
*Campsites are only for registered Guests, spouse and children.

*No loud parties, radios or TV\’s. Quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.

*No teenage children shall use campsites without parents being present.

*Campers can\’t rent their trailers to others. Inform the Manager if you allow access to any close relative.

*You are responsible for your guests and family to obey these rules.

2. Children:
*Campers are personally and legally responsible for their children and guests.

* No running behind trailers, from sites 1 to 31. Bikes are fine on our roads.

* No bikes on the lake front or across campsites of other Guests.


3. Pets:
* Only one well maintained dog allowed per R.V. No aggressive dogs such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls or Rottweiler. Walk your dog in the fields.

* Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash at all times, or in trailers.

* Owners always clean up after their dogs. Friends of guests never bring pets.

4. Swimming Beach:
* NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY – Children must be watched by parents at all times.

* No fishing in the swimming area. Swimming suits are required.

* No boats or Jet Skis in the swimming area.

* No dogs are allowed in the swimming area or on the swimming beach.

* No children in the swimming area after dark or during a storm.
Children: No fighting or \”horse play\” at the swimming area or disturbing others.

5. Large Docks:
* No swimming or diving off large docks.

* Campers with sites off lake can use large docks to embark and disembark from boats and to fish.

* Pier slips are rented by the season for $100 on the big docks.

* Campers using large docks and beach area must help pick up any litter.


6. Boats and Piers:
* Short piers on lake front sites can be shared with other paying Guests. NO DIVING

* The Lake’s rule is that power boats go counter clockwise around the lake.

* No skiing after dark. Jet Skis don\’t speed near our shore.

* The lake rule is after 7 pm slow down, allow for fishing.

* Michigan law requires life preservers or floating cushions for everyone on board. Children 12 and under must wear a Personal Flotation Device.

* Any watercraft parked anywhere on our shore must be registered to a paying Guest. No relative’s boats. No friend’s boats.

7. Parking:
* We never park below the hill, on the beach areas, or on the lake front campsites Except briefly to load and unload.

* Ten minutes to load and unload is always sufficient on the lake front.

* One trip per day on our lake front is more than enough. Respect your neighbor\’s campsite and lawn.

* No sleeping in Vans, Trucks, or Tents in any parking area or on campsites 1-52. We recommend tents be in our Tent area (#61-65).

* No ATV\’s or motorcycles. Please drive slowly with a lookout for children. No gas golf carts. You must be 21 to operate an electric cart.

8. Trash:
* You are responsible to keep your campsite clean at all times.

* Put garbage and trash in plastic bags in garbage cans. Please help us by picking up any litter you see. We have a spot in the woods for leaves.

* Put all garbage in trash dumpster as you leave every day or two.

9. Campsites:

* No metal sheds, storage buildings or outside refrigerators are ever permitted.

* Trailers and RV lengths are limited to onsite available space.

* No campfires are allowed within 30 feet of the pines. Fires on campsites are always in firepots and put out when you retire. You\’re responsible.

* No firearms or air rifles. Bows can be used on practice targets properly set in a safe area.

* A tent erected on an RV site beside an RV is subject to an extra $15 per day campsite charge and is allowed on Campsites 46 and up.

* Our guests are considerate and neat. Sites vary in size. See Don if you need a campsite perimeter interpreted.

* Check with us on wire and water pipe locations before installing a phone or digging a hole. Decks are fine but do not plant posts into the ground.

* Plant all the flowers you like, but don\’t cut any living trees or shrubs, without asking Manager. We require every season Guest maintain at least one living plant or flower.

* Dead wood approved by the Manager may be cut for campfires.

* In winter, you can cut free wood by special arrangements.

* All guests mow their own campsites and take pride in its neat appearance. We charge $15 if we must mow your neglected site.

* HLC will loan you a push mower to use at your own risk.

* We will mow as close as we can if you pick up your campsite.

* Leave your campsite neat when you leave.

* Roll up your awning if you leave or risk wind damage from a sudden storm.

10. Sewage Waste:
* Campsites #1-48 have \”Gray Water Tanks\” in the ground to drain your sink and shower.

* Drain hoses to gray water tanks by state law must be 1\” or less.

* Sewage Waste must go into a holding tank.

* Guests can arrange with the Manager to have our periodic honey wagon service to empty your holding tank.

11. Alcohol:
* Alcohol consumed on your Campsite is your privilege as long as you limit its use to adults and use common sense.

* Any unlawful use or possession of a controlled substance will void all Guests rental of the site. It is cause for immediate eviction.

12. Liability Limitations:
* Every Guest must maintain adequate insurance on their cars, boat, and camper and indemnify HLC for all claims and losses occasioned by the Guest, Guest\’s family and invitee. Trees and branches that fall are the Guest\’s risk.

* It is impossible for HLC to provide 100% security. HLC shall not be held liable for losses due to theft, vandalism, neglect, windstorm, personal injuries or other causes. However, any incident should be reported to the Manager.

* We trust our Season Guests. You are entitled to your personal key to the Chapel. After 1 Season a returning Season Guest also gets a gate key for periodic inspections and to fish after we close.

13. Trailers and R.V.\’s
* Any R.V./Trailer brought into H.L.C. must be very neat in appearance and manufactured within 11 years of the current year.

* Propane tanks must be 40# or smaller and be currently certified.

* Your water line must have an anti-siphon device at the spigot. We provide it. Ask the Manager for one.

* Water hoses and electric wires to your RV must not be buried.

* When a Guest sells an R.V. the site doesn\’t transfer to the Buyer, However, the buyer can apply as a Season Guest. The applicant provides a credit report. The approval should be sought prior to the sale. The electricity bill also must be settled or is assumed by the new Season Guest.

* Electricity bills based upon metered usage of all season sites are sent periodically during and after the end of each season.

We believe camping should be a peaceful, relaxing experience with respect for fellow guests and nature. Some Guests have returned over 20 seasons. We reserve the right to decline to rent to anyone we don\’t believe will be a satisfactory Guest or good campsite neighbor. We encourage camping for physically handicapped guests and make our improvements with access for the disabled in mind. We hope you enjoy your visit to beautiful Hemlock Lake.